201 Things – 37

It can be hard on any of us when a team member is dismissive of our work.  Not only does it hurt our feelings (no matter how much we pretend otherwise) it undermines the value of the writing tasks we undertake.

Over the years I’ve worked in the games industry, things have improved greatly for game writers, though there are still developers or individuals who don’t see the full worth of a writer.  And although there are still people who need to be informed of this, we mustn’t rail at them or berate them in any way.  We should be smarter in our approach.

You must ensure, therefore, that you are an important service provider and you deliver what the client wants.  This doesn’t just mean that you write the dialogue to the best of your ability, but also that you help create a game of richness and depth through the way that you approach the story.

An important contributor is more than simply delivering the work, it’s also about working well with other team members and ensuring the project is put above any individual issues.  It’s about valuing others’ contributions in the same way you’d want them to appreciate yours.

Most of all, be positive about the project and the team behind it.